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earthquakefund's Journal

Fund for The South Asia Earthquake
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Based loosely off the_fund, this community is dedicated to providing aid for the victims of the South Asia Earthquake, which devasted Pakistan and surrounding areas on the 8th of October.

We are a multi-fandom group of writers, artists, beta readers, icon/graphics makers, layout artists, web gurus and other talented individuals willing to commission our services for donations for this cause.


1) To volunteer your services, make a post in the following format:
Short introduction of yourself. Include your fandom experience and contact information (email address required. AIM, YM or MSN screen name would be a plus).
What fandoms are you willing to work in?
What sorts of services are you providing?
Anything you WILL NOT do?
What are your prices? (If you do not list prices, it will go by the community default. See below)
How long do you estimate it will take you to complete your work (two days per request, whatever)?

2) Tag your entry with your chosen fandom(s). Do NOT tag subsequent entries where you post your work!

3) When you have completed a commission, post it in the community with the terms of the original commission and the work itself under an lj-cut. It can be a link to your own lj or website or whatever, but please post it in the community anyway so that it's easy to keep track of. The format for posting is roughly as follows:
Title of work:
The terms:

Followed by an lj-cut to the actual work.

It will be your responsibility to get works posted on time. I will NOT babysit everyone, but if I get a lot of complaints about people not posting what they owe people, I will investigate and if I then find it to be a valid complaint, I will delete you from the community. Honour system right now. Don't make me have to get all psycho-mod on you guys.

4) No flaming, spamming, or bullshit. NO exceptions!


1) Unless stated otherwise, prices are as follows:
Drabbles (100-500 words): $3 for one, $5 for two, $20 for a 10x100
Ficlets (501-1000 words): $5
One-shot fics/fic chapters (1001-2000 words): $8, $5 per additional 1000 words.
Icons: $2 each or $5 for a set of four
Miscellaneous Graphics (Friends Only banners, etc.): $5 each
Layouts (livejournal or webpage): $8
Beta jobs: $3 per 1000 words
Fanart: $5 per character for a simple background of $7 per character for a more complex background for black and white. An additional $3 tacked on for special things like nudity. Additional $5 for colour.
Essay/Critique: $5 a-piece.
Web Design/HTML help: $5 per page.

2) Put your request in on the volunteer's intro page as a comment, and then calculate how much you will donate. Send your donation via paypal to smart_sweetlady[at]yahoo.com, and put in the notes your name and your commission (i.e. "My name is Thalia and I requested [fic/art/whatever of my fandom of choice] from [person] for [amount of money]"). It will be your responsibility to bug the volunteer for the work in some medium outside of the community (i.e. email or IMing them).

At least twice a week, I'll send the money to the American Red Cross and make an administrative post detailing how much we've made. You're all on an honour system right now, but if I catch any repeat offenders who keep on commissioning and not paying, I WILL ban you from the community.

3) Check the tags to see what's being offered for your fandom of choice!

4) No spamming, flaming or bullshit. NO exceptions!

Questions, comments and fan-mail can be directed to me (maniacalmuse). My email is smart_sweetlady[at]yahoo.com.