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Willow Mae [userpic]
by Willow Mae (willowmae)
at October 27th, 2005 (12:04 pm)

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I'm Willow Mae (or Wil, wilchan whatever) and I'm here offering my meager services to anyone who cares to use and abuse them. I'm a current fan of Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Sailor Moon, and Firefly, though I'm really only active in Sailor Moon land. I'm familiar with a lot of other fandoms as well, so if you're wanting something just ask and I'll let you know if it's a possibility or not. You can contact me at willowmae[at]demented-faerie.net or message me on NelwynPrincess.

Services I'm offering: I'll do icons for pretty much anything, it'd be nice if you provide me with pics you want but not always necessary. Fanfic will be Sailor Moon only, I specialize in sen/shi shippings but will do most anything with that. My couple of preference is Mako!Neph. I'll do fanart for pretty much anything too, as long as you tell me what you're wanting to see.

see my icons
see my art (sorely backdated)
read my fanfic (also sorely backdated)

Stuff I won't do: In Sailor Moon, I won't do Naru/Neph or Kunz/Zoi, or pretty much any couple that isn't cannon (disclaimer: if it's interesting and unique enough, I might try, but no promises). For art, I won't do big groups of guys mostly because I find them difficult to draw...

Icons and graphics I can do in 2-3 days, art 3-5 days and fics maybe a week. I'll do my best to get things out quickly though.