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Angry little girl [userpic]
by Angry little girl (maniacalmuse)
at October 24th, 2005 (10:35 pm)
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For redcandle17's request.

Title of work: Slytherin Green Envy
By: Thalia
For: redcandle17
Fandom: Harry Potter
The terms: Blatantly shippy Alicia Spinnet/C. Warrington sequel to the_fund fic. 1998 words total.
Rating: PG
Warning(s): Gratuitous snark and catty!Ali, an OFC. Also, Alicia's characterization and backstory somewhat inspired by skysage's portrayal in RPGverse. Oh Sky, I owe you so much. But don't read this fic plzkthx.

There was no reason for her to be nervous—none at all. She'd been to several games after she'd quit the team. Her replacement on the team was even a friend of hers. Roger Davies had been her Charms class partner for years at Hogwarts, after all, and it wasn't as though she didn't enjoy her current life.

The flower shop in Diagon Alley was beautiful and tranquil, and her boss was a kindly soul who baked two dozen brownies for her and her little nephew every weekend. It reminded her of Herbology class, which she'd always excelled at, and it was almost soothing to wile away the hours working on the perfect arrangement of stocks and roses and baby's breath. She never returned home so sore she could barely move, and she never had to be friendly for the press.

Well. She had a reason to be somewhat out of sorts, just a bit, but she was certainly not going to admit it aloud.

She hadn't worked two days at Primavera Posies when a long shadow darkened the door and an all-too-familiar, drawling baritone voice filled her ears. "Why, fancy seeing you here, Spinnet. I hadn't pegged you as one to surround yourself with flowers and candies and maudlin sentimentality, but apparently even I make mistakes in judgment."

"It must be painful to have such a monstrous ego to lug around all the time," she remarked acidly, glaring at him over the fluffy pink petals of an incongruous bouquet of carnations. "However do you manage it?"

"I'm very skilled," he had said complacently, his voice almost a purr. "Now then, haven't you ever heard that you shouldn't be rude to a paying customer?"

Alicia was sure that only Cassius Warrington could make that innocuous statement sound obscene, as though he'd walked into a brothel instead of a flower shop. Seething, she'd crossed her arms over her chest. "What do you want?"

"You need to stop asking that," was his reply. "One of these days, I'll say something that would cause you to slap me, and then the conversation would certainly degenerate into amounts of innuendo inappropriate for such a nice shop as this."

One rude hand gesture from her part later, he'd chuckled and told her that he needed a corsage for a date. She'd sardonically uttered her pity for the poor witch, made up the confection of pink roses and white orchids and green ribbons, and all but threw his money into the register when he'd mockingly bowed and exited the store.

The one interaction, which left her feeling cranky and irritated for the next hour, grew to two, then three. Soon, it was a weekly occurrence, and once in a while, he'd even had the gall to bring in whichever slag he'd chosen as his flavour of the week. As far as Alicia could tell, all the whispered rumours about Slutface Warrington were absolutely true. The only thing she'd noticed that all of the women had in common was that they were all rich, beautiful, vapid and incredibly snobbish. That aside, he didn't seem to discriminate.

Well, she'd always known that stupid Slytherins had awful taste.

But that was almost a month ago, and then, mysteriously, Alicia had stopped seeing him at the store. Sure, she was doing well—had gotten a pay raise, in fact, but the Slytherin who had been the thorn in her side and oddly given her some sort of constant in life with their sarcastic banter seemed to have disappeared off the planet. About the same time that he'd stopped visiting the flower shop, she had noticed some glossy spread in Witch Weekly in which he was seen with an icy blonde beauty on his arm at some high society gala or another.

She thought that the witch looked familiar, and had she taken the time to think about it, she would've been disgusted at the amount of effort she expended in order to recall where she'd seen that face before. Finally, she'd recalled the woman as a former Slytherin Prefect in her year, whom Fred and George had declared insufferable and absolutely stuck-up. It just figured, of course, that he'd get together with someone like Susannah Caligo. They deserved each other. They'd have absolutely horrible little Slytherin brats who received racing brooms and toy serpents as birthday presents, unless the bint was one of those types who didn't want children in fear of ruining their figures.

But what the hell did it matter to her what (and who) Warrington did in his spare time?

Similarly, there was absolutely no reason for her to be apprehensive about watching her old teammates play the Wasps. Even if Warrington was certainly to be there with his little blonde skank.

She was being silly. Alicia raised her chin and shook herself out of her strange, swirling thoughts. She'd go to the game with her nephew, cheer on her friends, ignore Warrington, and go home afterwards. It was a foolproof plan.

Assuming that he didn't see her there.

On the day of the game, Alicia arrived early, and managed to bypass the crowds starting to fill the stadium. Getting through security wasn't difficult, when the security officers still recognized her from her stint playing, and she'd just sat down with her nephew when Cassius Warrington, blonde in tow, made his self-assured way up the stands. Alicia scowled at the back of his head for several venomous moments before catching herself.

Her nephew was already scanning the skies and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Quidditch players, a pair of Omniculars in his hands, and Alicia forced herself to concentrate on the game. It was some sort of awful irony that Warrington and Caligo were close enough for her to see and hear—a mere two rows down, and she looked away when the former made some comment to the latter, inciting chiming, melodious laughter.

And then the Quidditch game started, and Alicia found herself thankfully able to focus on other things than the pair sitting in front of her. She cheered with the rest of the crowd when two former rivals executed a perfect series of passes of the Quaffle, the announcer's voice blaring out over the stadium of the improbable love affair between Johnson and Montague, and grinned when Montague effortlessly put the Quaffle past the Wasps' Keeper. Catcalls broke out when Angelina blew him a kiss, and Alicia mused that it was a pity that not all Slytherins managed to mature and become decent human beings after Hogwarts. A pity… Warrington was still a bastard.

Not that it pertained to her in any way… or did it?


She was so shocked with that realization, her eyes now completely focused and glaring at the backs of the heads of Warrington and Caligo that she almost missed Galen Summerby's Plumpton Pass.

But then the stadium broke into chaos as multitudes of Arrows fans went crazy, and it was her nephew's ecstatic hopping up and down on his seat that unfortunately caught the attention of the Slytherin pair sitting two rows down. She tried to still the little boy's exuberance, but it was too late. Cassius Warrington was staring at her with a galling smirk on his face.

"Why, my dear Alicia, I didn't know that you were a mother," he drawled, his voice somehow carrying over the multitudes of shouting fans. "What an interesting discovery!"

"Sod off, Warrington," she snapped, her voice malevolent. "He's not mine. Just because YOU started fathering little bastards since puberty doesn't mean that the rest of us have such loose morals!"

It was then that she noticed Susannah Caligo giving her a long, appraising sort of look, flawless blonde eyebrows raised, and she winced internally. What in the world had prompted her to be so catty? It was absolutely not on to make such vicious, spiteful comments about a bloke in front of another woman, no matter who they were or what her feelings were on that matter. Nor was it at all proper to use such language in front of her three-year-old nephew. Mortification set in, mixing with the already confusing mix of spiteful jealousy and apprehension.

But surprisingly, it was also Caligo who broke the silence, a smirk curving across her lips. "So this is the woman you've been talking about, hmm?" she remarked evenly to Cassius, apparently unaffected by Alicia's barb. "Maybe you'll listen to HER when she talks about your bad habits. Not that I think such habits are going to remain around for long, all things considered, but…"

"Bite your tongue, wench," Cassius retorted, though without true anger. "As my cousin, you shouldn't be slandering me in public."

"As your cousin, I should be telling the naked truth to any poor females who cross your path."

Now this was becoming surreal, and Alicia's head whipped between the young man and his companion, staring at them in a new light. Cousins? But they looked nothing alike! She would never have guessed in a million years! But now, as the two good-naturedly sniped at each other, she could see a vague resemblance more of manner and bearing than features, and up close, their relationship certainly seemed more fraternal than romantic.

Susannah nodded at her, a faint smile across her lips. "Pleasant to see you again, Spinnet," she remarked, holding out a hand, which Alicia shook mutely. The blonde then glanced at her cousin, said something about visiting the loo, and swept away, leaving Alicia rather dazed but thinking privately that perhaps she wasn't quite as bad as originally believed.

Warrington was still staring at her, his face inscrutable, and she awkwardly cleared her throat. "So… that's your cousin."

"Yes," he replied easily, "One of the few people on this Earth who happens to be better-looking than myself. Not that I'd advertise the fact to all the horny prats populating this world, since she's not allowed to date until she's forty, but…"

A protective Cassius Warrington. Who would have guessed? "I thought she was your girlfriend," Alicia found herself blurting out.

He laughed outright at that, "Never that," he said definitively. "She's the sister I never had… and moreover, I've sworn off dating for a while."

She couldn't help but look shocked at that, because really, he was Cassius Warrington and she'd never known him to be anything but a playboy since their schooldays. "Why?" she found herself asking dumbly, not expecting an answer. They were merely somewhat amicable enemies, after all, last time she'd checked.

He didn't answer her in words, choosing instead to saunter up to her with his usual supreme self-assurance and cup her face with his lean, strong hands. "Funny you should ask," he purred, and then he was kissing her, and everything suddenly fell into place as surprisingly warm, soft, assertive lips pressed against her own. Alicia found herself frozen for all of three seconds before she raised a hand involuntarily to cup his cheek, the skin slightly rough with stubble against her palm. She was dimly aware that her nephew was emitting a high-pitched "EWWWWWWW!" in the background, but really, all she knew was that she really wasn't supposed to be doing this and he gloried in aggravating her and Merlin but he knew how to kiss… no wonder he had such success with women!

Though that thought woke her mind from its not-unpleasant stupor. "I'm NOT going to become a notch on your belt, Warrington," she said indignantly, though that was somewhat tempered by the breathlessness of her voice.

"Wouldn't dream of it," he smirked, running the pad of his thumb over her thoroughly kissed lips. "I have every intention of sticking around long enough to irritate you to death and assimilating myself into your life so thoroughly that you couldn't live without my gloriously sarcastic presence."

"You're an egotistical prat, do you know that?"

"Thank you for your high estimation of my abilities, I do try my best."

C'mon, more volunteers and requests should be coming! Tell others to participate, dammit :D


Posted by: redcandle17 (redcandle17)
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That was shippy enough. Thank you.

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