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evil and a heathen [userpic]
by evil and a heathen (lucy_lupin)
at November 13th, 2005 (06:14 pm)

In the non-virtual world, I go by Hayley. I've been involved in the Harry Potter fandom since 2001 when I got dragged to watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on the big screen and fell in love on the spot. I love long, ridiculously detailed fantasy series, squander all my spare cash on travel and gourmet tea and am obsessed with languages, particularly romance ones. Fighting for room in all this calamity is Arsenal, the English football team I support.

What fandoms are you willing to work in? I've been writing fiction for the Harry Potter fandom for almost three years, but also dabble in Lord of the Rings. I'm also willing to take a stab at the Wheel of Time fandom, although with eleven books and still counting, I'm not sure how sturdy my canon foundation is in that one!

I can be reached at lucy_lupin[at]hotmail.com. Examples of my work can be found here, and here.

What sort of services are you providing? I love being challenged through writing minor characters and unusual pairings. I'll attempt anything in cookie or one-shot form. As an English major with a graduate diploma in Journalism and a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, I am also well-equipt to beta if anyone has a few spare coins for a good cause. I could possibly have my arm twisted to do fanart, however I claim to no great talent in that area. I'm a decent amateur rather than professional artist. This is an example of two of my OCs, however this picture was scanned and if I may say so myself, looks better in the flesh. If you want someone to bring your OCs to life, I'm your girl.

Anything you will not do? Incest, rape or non-con, gratuitous smut, bestiality…I'm willing to write darker fics as long as the violence isn't too graphic or done to titillate anyone, either the "fade-to-black" or "tilt-the-camera" effect. Basically if it can't be found on FictionAlley, I won't do it. Slash however, is fine.

Prices? I'm going by community guidelines.

Time needed to do work? I'd say about three days for shorter fics and a week for longer. I'm working part-time but my hours are very sporadic. I can have nothing to do one week and barely time to breathe the next. If it will take me longer than stated, I'll get back to you.